17th May 2041

“Today is the day” you tell your fellow activists. “Today is the day we take back control. We will seize the controlling terminal and end this madness”

You look towards your coconspirator with a smile. They give you a slight nod of encouragement.

“TODAY is the day you will speak of when your grandchildren ask where you were on the Great hack.” A slight murmer begins in the crowd. “YOU will tell them that you weren’t a sheep watching on the side but YOU helped topple them!” A cheer erupts. “Now, let us squash this nano-bot army once and for all!” The croud sings with collective joy.

1st February 2041

“BREAKING NEWS: rouge nano-bot creatures have been spotted in central Bristol.” Reads the notification in the corner of your holo-glasses.

You wonder what on Earth could of happened. After all, the nano-bots often get confused if you shine a torch onto them.

Probably nothing to worry about.

26th March 2041

Everywhere you look are these nano-bot creatures. The rouge nano-bots have gained a collective hive mind. This was okay at first but now some have started attacking our society. Day-by-day dismantling all the good humanity has done for this planet. It’s almost as if they want to wipe out humanity itself.

You think to yourself: “maybe we could stop this”

17th May 2041 2:15pm

It’s time to take action.

You and your partner have your guns and your lights.

Nothing will stop you from getting back to normality.

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